Beijing 3E Translation Services Co., Ltd. is a corporation founded by a team of veteran professional translators and technicians, providing translation, localization,  globalization and other related services. We are dedicated to helping multinational corporations to bring state-of-the-art products and technologies to China – the largest and most rapidly growing market in the world -- and domestic enterprises to accommodate economical globalization and enter the greater marketplace throughout the world. 

As you know, there are many companies providing translation and other related services; however, they are lacking a common industry standard. Our goal is to set a standard of “Exact”, “Express” and “Elegant” for translation service. We will make every effort to develop complete and quantifiable service standard for translation service.

We provide customers with “One Stop” service to address their demands for text translation, localization/globalization, DTPDesktop Publishing and dubbing, etc. We provide a wide range of services involving R&D material, technical documentation, marketing, press release, business documents, contract and so on. At the same time, we focus on the consistency of terminologies and style. We have a plenty of successful stories to prove our unique strength. Scientific and flexible management and assessment systems ensure that our service can meet your unique requirements.

We have extensive experience in providing translation service, and effectively consolidate our strength in Language, Technology and Management .We put enough emphasis on completing various tasks efficiently and rapidly while ensuring accuracy of translation and controlling cost and lead time .

Leveraging advanced software and flexible translation process management, we effectively combine human resource and translation library to ensure high quality, effectiveness and cost control.

We are committed  to delivering  jobs promptly with superior quality and what you see is what we can offer.

Beijing 3E Translation Services Co.,Ltd.  

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